NEW! 2017 Kids Summer Class

Learning English as a second language can bring many difficulties in a child’s life when he/she must face as their daily curriculum attending school in the United States.
-The child has difficulties comprehending teachers’ lessons. -From the lack of comprehension, the child uses extended amount of time trying to finish his/her homework. -The child experiences stressful reading environment in class since he/she has difficulties writing essay responses that are expected by the teacher to explain their thoughts and ideas. -Communicating with classmates and teachers are difficult since the child’s communication skills are low. -The child wishes to improve on his/her vocabulary so that he/she can have greater confidence speaking during class. From acknowledging these needs from children and guardians, ECS has created a Kids Summer Class to help resolve these problems and maintain the knowledge lea rned during the school.

ESL Class Summer Camp Schedule Week1: 6/26-6/30, 1pm-3pm, 5yrs.-6yrs. Deadline: 6/5 Week2: 7/10-7/14, 1pm-3pm, 7yrs.-8yrs. Deadline: 6/19 Week3: 7/17-7/21, 1pm-3pm, 9yrs.-10yrs. Deadline: 6/26 Week4: 7/24-7/28, 1pm-3pm, 5yrs.-6yrs. Deadline: 7/3 Week5: 7/31-8/4, 1pm-3pm, 7yrs.-8yrs. Deadline: 7/10 Week6: 8/7-8/11, 1pm-3pm, 9yrs.-10yrs. Deadline: 7/17

Class contents
      Class of 5 years old~ 6 years old:
      Games, Workbook, Reading art books to learn simple alphabet, reading skills, speaking skills, and strengthening the child’s vocabulary.
      Class of 7 years old ~ 10 years old:
      We will focus on each child’s grade level to strengthen speaking skills, listening skills, strengthening vocabularies, book analysis, and presentation.

Participation cost
      ECS members $170 per week (All materials are included)
If one of your family members is ECS member $180 per week (All materials are included)
      Non-members $190 per week (All materials are included))

    To register, please email us at Non-refundable after the application deadline.

      Student regulation
          Each class will attain up to 8 students.
          Application for classes will be closed if each class exceeds the maximum students. .

        We welcome you to invite any friends that might be interested to the classes we offer at ECS. There are also some possibilities that we can create a special class for those who wish to attend our class as a group. We hope to see you as a student at ECS!

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