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English Communication Service (ECS) 4125 Blackford Ave. Suite 250 San Jose, CA 95117 Phone: (408)260-8600 FAX (408)716-7300 Email: Website: History: English Communication Service (ECS) was founded in 1986, in Niigata, Japan. Three more branches were established in the Touhouku region, with a fifth in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan.  In 2002, the sixth branch was established in California’s Silicon Valley. In Nov.2011, English Communication Service LLC was formed.

Dr. William Belew – Founder Dr. William Belew is both entrepreneur and teacher, a man of exceptional talent who has experienced over 22 years of success all over the world, though Asia is his focus. Through his leadership and the creation of a diverse curriculum he has nurtured excellence in educators, producing teachers who flourish across many facets of business. His lesson curriculum is filled with the highly effective, proprietary content he has developed. Currently, he is a successful blogger who specializes in business topics. (He has had as many as 4.8 million hits to his blog in a one month period.) He holds workshops all over while still fulfilling his many responsibilities as an educator. Bill Belew's blog sites:

Satoko Matsuya – Owner, General Manager Satoko Matsuya received her education in both Japan and the United States. She subsequently worked in offices associated with the medical field and overseas consulting agencies. In 2000, she settled in California and started down the path of language education as management in Silicon Valley. In 2002, she started this business, English Communication Service (ECS), with Dr. William Belew, and, as General Manager, works in both administrative and leadership roles. In 2013, she got qualified as an elementary school English teacher in Japan. Satoko Matsuya: “My perspective as an educational administrator is that all policies should be student centered. In addition to carefully evaluating each student’s needs, I do my best to make sure students and teachers are well-matched, and that curriculum our teachers have created is adjusted to each and every student. I am passionate about helping students and offering quality language study advice with warmth and care. I continue to work toward these goals every day.”
Kumiko Pathela - Office Manager Chiharu Nakamura - Office Assistant Makiko Hartwell - Office Assistant

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