Q: Can I apply for classes at any time? How long does it take between signing up and starting lessons?
A: We are always accepting applications. Usually, lesson times are finalized within 3-4 days of application. (Depending upon teacher’s schedules, it may take as long as 1-2 weeks.)


Q: I’m a complete beginner. Is that all right?
A: Please rest assured that one of our qualified teachers will go over with you very basics of conversational English such as greetings kindly and patiently according to your needs.


Q: What are your teachers like?
A: We have many different kinds of teachers. We have teachers who have degrees in teaching, and teachers who have certification in teaching English. We have teachers with many years of experience in teaching ESL. We have teachers who specialize in professional writing, as editors. We have teachers who have worked in the IT field, and are strong in technology and business terminology. We have teachers who are especially good at working with mothers and their children. We have assembled people of many different backgrounds and experiences to be teachers here.


Q: What kinds of teaching materials do you use?
A: Each teacher customizes the curriculum to each student’s needs, so there is a wide range of choices. There are many instances where a teacher will develop a highly individualized program using online resources, books, or articles from newspapers or magazines.


Q: Is it possible to have off-site lessons?
A: Yes. It is possible for a teacher to visit a home or place of business. However, depending upon the location, it may not be possible to arrange off-site lessons.


Q: Do you have lessons for children?
A: Yes, we have lessons for children ages 4 and up. We guide each child according to your requests, their level and their study goals. Lesson plans include conversation, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar.


Q: Do you offer experiential lessons?
A: Yes. Lessons begin after meeting to determine the flow of the course and finding a compatible teacher.


Q: It’s just been decided that I return to my country. Is it possible to take lessons for a very brief period of time?
A: Yes. There are many options, including a one-week intensive course. Please contact us for more information.


Q: My work is busy, and my schedule fluctuates. Is it possible to cancel a lesson? (In the case of private lessons)
A: Yes. If you cancel before 6 p.m. one business day before your scheduled lesson, there is no cancellation fee. A make-up lesson can then be scheduled for another day.


Q: How is a lesson schedule determined?
A: First, you give us your preferred day and time. Then, we coordinate with our teachers’ schedules. Please confirm Come-as-you-like Small Group Lesson schedules with our office.


Q: Can I request that specific content be included in my lessons?
A: Yes. It is possible to have lessons that relate directly to your work (presentation tips, negotiation and discussion skills, etc.) or college assignments (proofreading essays, for example). Our instructors can also provide lessons to help your preparation for the TOEIC or TOEFL exams.


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