Reason 1. You will learn practical English - Useful immediately for daily life!
ECS acknowledges that people have different values, lifestyles, and life situations.  When we welcome you as a new student at ECS, we start by taking the time to listen to your specific needs and wants regarding your lessons.

You might have a preconception that English is hard to acquire.  Oftentimes it is a matter of knowing or not knowing how to "activate" the vocabulary you already have while speaking and listening.  With some proper training, you'll be able to "activate" your vocabulary to speak and listen to English.  It is our hope that you will experience the joy of learning this special skill with us at ECS.
Reason 2.  Our lesson scheduling is responsive and flexible.
Our standard schedule for students is a recurring weekly lesson at the same time on the same day each week. This allows the teacher to gain a deep understanding of a student’s plans, level, and study objectives, empowering the teacher to guide the student effectively and efficiently. However, if an important event or a situation at work suddenly arises and you are absolutely unable to attend, it is possible to schedule a make-up lesson if you contact us before 6pm on the day prior to your lesson day. Keeping to a set minimum of lessons in a month is one of the keys to improving your skills.
Reason 3.  We will find the perfect teacher for your learning styles and needs.
We have a diverse pool of teachers. We have teachers who have specialized degrees in education, teachers who are certified in teaching English, teachers who have many years of experience teaching ESL, teachers who are proficient in professional writing and have worked as editors, teachers who have worked in the IT field and are strong in technical jargon and business language, and teachers who excel in working with women and children. As much as we appreciate these impressive qualifications and experiences, we value tremendously their passion for helping the students with their ESL learning to improve their lives here in the United States.  Meeting and having a teacher like them is essential to improving your English skills.  ECS will find a perfect teacher for you that loves to teach, help and become reliable resources for your life here in the United States!
Reason 4.  Custom-made lessons tailored to your needs and wants.
Different needs, different wants, and different problems: For your children, it might be that they fail to grasp what's going on in class, that they take too much time to finish their homework, or that they can't get along well with their classmates due to the language barrier.  For you as a mother, it could be that you can't communicate well with your child's teacher and other parents, or that you can't express yourself adequately while shopping or visiting a doctor's office.  For you as a businessman, it might be that you feel incapable while presenting to and negotiating with your customers at work, or that you feel stuck in your English conversational skill.
ECS will consider your specific study needs and situations as most important.  You'll have customized lesson plans and curriculum created just for you!  Our teachers are trained to meet your expectations in the most efficient ways possible.
Reason 5.  Pre-enrollment counseling and ongoing care throughout your enrollment.
We offer you a private orientation/course counseling session prior to your enrollment.  This enables us to know you better and to communicate your study goals, needs, and concerns to your instructor.  This care lasts throughout your enrollment.  Our staff is pleased to help you efficiently achieve your study goals.  We are only a phone call/email away! Or just talk to one of us in person at the office!