■(要)Testimonials 生徒さんの声


Various students are learning at ECS --- business people and their families --- Let us introduce their voices!
Parent of a 9 years old
The teacher supported by daughter as if she was her big sister. Casual conversation eased her nervousness and introduced new way of thinking. She felt like that was a unique experience that she would only get at ECS. My (other) daughter had several teachers but all of them discovered and deepen the knowledge she showed interests in specific topics. ECS was like our oasis where we can come and study with no pressure at all. ECS office staff at reception was very reliable and helpful, so we were able to attend ECS during our 3 years of staying in the U.S. Thank you very much.
Businessmen, 30s
One of the good points about ECS is that there is no set curriculum for each lesson which students need to finish studying by a certain period. The purpose of the lesson I requested to learn is to improve 3 skills – presentation skills; meeting skills; and negotiation skills. My teacher focuses on those skills and customizes each lesson for me. For example, the teacher checked my presentation ahead of time, then I demonstrated it in front of him; and he instructed me about what was good and bad at that time. I was taking classes in the morning, so I could deliver an effective presentation at work in the afternoon. That was very helpful.
Parent of a 7 years old
My family and I moved to Silicon Valley about four and a half years ago. It was hard for me at that time to go out and take an English class since my son was still very young. My friend told me that she was taking ECS’s off-site lessons (the teacher comes to your house to do the lessons) so I decided to do the same. My teacher taught me not only useful daily English expressions but some practical tid-bits of American life and culture. I also enjoyed their customized lesson plans which accommodated my requests. My son also started to take lessons at ECS a year later. His English was fine but he needed to work on his speaking skill so we requested lessons focused on speaking. His speaking ability improved tremendously and we really appreciate his teacher. Now he can’t wait to see her every week for his lesson!
Mom and her 3 children
It has been 6 months since my three children and I started attending ECS. When I first came to United States, I received various emails and verbal communication opportunities from school teachers and was not able to understand them. I couldn't grasp the contents of school events and consulting with teachers about my children's academic progress was impossible. At ECS, we were able to consult and as a result of being introduced to instructors who matched our personalities and circumstances, everyone decided to take the course on their own terms after the trial lesson. The eldest child is taught comprehensively, including grammar and practicing conversation in various situation. The middle child talks about a particular theme that the teacher decides, makes sentences, writing, and pronunciations. The youngest child aims to improve his listening skills by playing English card games and reading books together. I am learning English that will help me shopping at a supermarket, problem solving, and how to communicate with teachers in school. I am very grateful to be able to consult any problems that arose in my life with ECS. It seems my children are gradually becoming comfortable communicating with their friends at school. We are all very happy with the progress ECS helps us make.
House wife, 30’s
Frankly speaking, I was not very good at speaking English when I was a student. I even took English conversation lessons in Japan but didn’t see any improvements. And then my husband was transferred to the US, myself included! I began attending ECS lessons in October of last year. Lately, my husband often asks me, ” Where did you learn that phrase?! ” At ECS! I think ECS has 3 good points. The first is ECS lessons teach me things that are practical and useful for everyday life. Secondly, ECS teachers have a deep fountain of variety and experiences. They teach us from different angles. Finally, the teachers are very kind. When I stumble or get depressed, they offer me encouragement to keep trying. They are very friendly. They inspire me to be curious and make me want to study more and more. Now, I can say that I honestly like English. I want to improve more and more. Someday I hope to carry on many conversations with many people and with confidence!
Parent of a 6 years old
I came to California last year in July. My child is a 1st grader in elementary school, my husband came to California first. ” I want to go to America soon!” she said. But when she got here, school began and it was quite difficult. Even she tried hard, she couldn’t understand what was being said, she couldn’t say what she wanted.. It was tough! I wanted to do anything for her to enjoy English even a little and help her with her school work. ECS private lesson was the answer! I was drawn to the fact that ECS taught English to small children. Her teacher is so nice and tries so diligently. My child really enjoys her lessons. Although we long way from home, meeting new people has enriched our lives, and now I consider a treasure to have this new opportunity.
Businessman, 30’s
At ECS, my request for lesson time and teachers are met precisely, I take lessons twice a week from two teachers in the morning before I go to work. Each teacher has different characteristics that are intriguing. One teacher travels to Japan a lot, so it is easy to find opportunities for conversation, and the other teacher doesn't understand Japanese at all. However, explaining words and phrases that I don't understand to my teacher is a form of English conversation practice I enjoy. It is very useful because it also gives practical simulation conversations that are useful in my daily life. It's been more than a year since I started attending, and now I'm able to communicate with my colleagues in English. I would like to continue ECS lessons and self-studying to further improve my level.
Housewife, 30’s
I lived in Silicon Valley for nearly 3 years. Until now, I attended a community ESL class. Now I am taking a lesson with my husband from a wonderful instructor. The ECS materials our teacher prepares is filled with practical daily expressions. Often the lesson wanders into topics that we meet in our daily lives. I am completely enjoying my lessons. What I couldn’t get elsewhere, I found at ECS!
Parent of a 6 years old
My son typically ends up crying most of the time at his school, probably due to the unfamiliar “English language” environment. I worried that he might do the same at ECS. In fact he was nervous at his first ECS lesson. I was pleasantly surprised, though, to see him enjoying himself with no tears at ECS recently without me sitting together! I believe that my son enjoys ECS lessons because he receives individualized attention from his teacher and that he can learn at his own pace, not to mention that his teacher is so gentle and warm that he can take his lessons in a comfortable way. We really appreciate his ECS teacher and the staff. Thank you very much.